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I didn't steal this from Snowify, and you can't prove it!

Light Elemental
[x] You're proud of who you are.
[X] You state your opinion.
[x] You think you're intelligent.
[x] You enjoy learning.
[ ] You're raised in a very traditional way.
[ ] You hardly show emotions.
[ ] You're a morning person.
[ ] You don't like people who sleep around a lot.
[ ] You don't like the dark.
[x] You're hard on yourself when you fail.
Total: 5

Dark Elemental
[X] You always say what's on your mind.
[x] You're a night person.
[x] You don't care about sexuality.
[x] You like having sex/like the idea of sex.
[X] You don't like mornings.
[ ] You don't like happy-go-lucky people.
[ ] You argue with people a lot.
[ ] You laugh at stupid people.
[ ] You hold on to grudges.
[x] You love scary stories.
Total: 6

Nature Elemental
[x] You love animals and nature.
[x] You love being outdoors.
[ ] You're somewhat gullible.
[ ] You're shy around new people.
[x] You're very understanding/a good listener.
[x] You forgive easily.
[ ] You're not a good fighter.
[ ] You don't like eating meat.
[x] You protect what you hold most dear.
[ ] You love drinking water.
Total: 5

Water Elemental
[ ] You're a good swimmer.
[ ] You love fish – eating or not eating.
[x] You're very curious.
[x] You like to explore.
[x] You day dream a lot.
[X] You don't usually like to talk.
[x] You like doing things by yourself.
[x] You like to imagine things for your amusement.
[x] You're open-minded.
[ ] You like things to stay the same.
Total: 7

Fire Elemental
[ ] You have a bad temper.
[x] You love hearing gossip.
[ ] You like to fight.
[ ] You're kind of slow sometimes.
[x] You're attracted to the 'bad boy/girl'.
[x] You have a strong sense of justice.
[x] You'd beat up someone if they hurt your friends.
[ ] You're also gullible.
[ ] You like to see things burn.
[X] You hate swimming/water.
Total: 5

Wind Elemental
[x] You're very easy-going.
[x] You're somewhat lazy.
[x] You love to laugh and make jokes.
[ ] People think you're immature.
[x] You tend to be a skeptic.
[ ] You're very competitive.
[x] You love getting new things.
[ ] You live everyday fully.
[x] You love riding with the window down.
[ ] You enjoy having a large group of friends.
Total: 6

Thunder Elemental
[ ] You tend to blow up when you're mad.
[x] You like things to be unpredictable.
[x] You like to live dangerously.
[ ] You love having competitions, contests etc.
[x] You love coming up with impossible scenarios.
[ ] You like being the center of attention.
[X] You love thunder storms.
[x] You tend to only want a tight knit group.
[x] You don't trust others easily.
[ ] You don't forgive easily.
Total: 6

Ice Elemental
[x] You don't express yourself very well.
[x] You like winter better than summer.
[x] You don't need/wear heavy coats during the winter.
[x] You tend to be sarcastic sometimes.
[x] You're sometimes a loner.
[ ] You tend to keep to yourself.
[x] It's hard for people to get close.
[x] When someone does though, you tend to stick with them no matter what.
[?] You enjoy reading and other "one" person activities.
[x] You can be 'cold' when someone's upset.
Total: 8/9?

That was an awfully close call, but it seems like I am a cold heart bastard after all. Who knew?


Light Dakku
United States



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